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Titolo: eMule 0.50a SharkX 2.0
Inserito da: Lucarella - 31 Dicembre 2010, 09:58:31 am

Binary : (http://emulemods.altervista.org/icone/sourceforge.ico) scarica da Sourceforge (http://sourceforge.net/projects/sharkx/files/eMule0.50a-SharkX_v2.0-BIN.rar/download) -  (http://emulemods.altervista.org/icone/emulemods.png) scarica da Emule Mods (http://emulemods.altervista.org/download/eMule0.50a-SharkX_v2.0-BIN.rar)

Sources : (http://emulemods.altervista.org/icone/sourceforge.ico) scarica da Sourceforge (http://sourceforge.net/projects/sharkx/files/eMule0.50a-SharkX_v2.0-SRC.7z/download) -  (http://emulemods.altervista.org/icone/emulemods.png) scarica da Emule Mods (http://emulemods.altervista.org/download/eMule0.50a-SharkX_v2.0-SRC.7z)

Per la spiegazione delle features presenti nella Mod, consultate il nostro Glossario (http://emulemods.altervista.org/index.php?topic=2884.0)


SharkX v2.0 Based on eMuleFuture v1.1 [0.50a]

remove IRC
remove scheduler
remove webserver
remove peer cache & URL client [netfinity/taz]
remove EMF Toolbar
add official toolbar (no skins only bitmaps)
remove WebBrowser
change sorting upload slots logic [taz] - ReSortUploadSlots is called only upon file priority (and or PS) change
add Mod home - open forum based on selected mod language
add check user hash [DLP]
add 80% score for non SI clients [Xman]
remove score punish for Nick/Mod thieves & Mod fakers [taz]
add zero wait time each new identification for Mod thief/faker [taz] - "new" session
add no PowerShare for leechers [taz]
change PowerShare selection on SharedFilesCtrl - back to previous style
change CA not clearing bad DL counter on count <12k download sessions as failed (Xman's idea) - too easy for leechers to go clean [taz]
add FakeAnalyzer [netfinity]
add One-queue-per-file [Maella (idea bloodymad)]
change from client datarate selection to number of slots [taz]
add Variable corrupted blocks ban threshold [Spike2]
add Version Check [Stulle/taz] + splahed version [taz]
replace country name to Remote Queue Status [Yun.SF3/IceCream] on upload list
change 1'st time wizard : most values are now loaded from preferences [taz]
add Don't remove dead servers on 0 retries [Stulle]
add protect static servers [Mighty Knife]
add Nice Hash [CB/WiZaRd]
add Don't allow file hot swapping [taz/Xman/idea Maella] : it's not about our file UL priorities, rather on client position in queue
add mask out main toolbar buttons in preferences due to IRC removal
fix remove duplicate deletes for ICS & AntiHideOS [Gear]
fix storing AutoHL options selection