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eMule 0.50a NetF WARP 0.3a
« il: 07 Giugno 2013, 20:33:04 pm »

Binary X86:  ed2k: (3.59 MiB - Scarica da Emule Mods

Binary X64 *:  ed2k: (3.99 MiB - Scarica da Emule Mods

Sources:   ed2k: (7.7 MiB - Scarica da Emule Mods

* Utilizzare questo file se si adopera un sistema operativo a 64 bit.

Per la spiegazione delle features presenti nella Mod, consultate il nostro Glossario

Piattaforme supportate:

      Platform          |    32 bit       |    64 bit

Windows 2000        | No              | N/A
Windows XP           | Probably not | Probably not
Windows Vista        | Should work  | Should work
Windows 7             | Should work  | Should work
Windows 8             | Yes              | Yes
Wine 1.5.31 (Ubuntu 12.04)  | Yes  | N/A    


*** NetF WARP 0.3a (RELEASE)
Some performance and binary size improvements
Make unit test to work for real
Fix upload slot handling to better cope with 100Mbit connections
Optimize upload file caching
Sligtly more effecient looping in RC4 algorithm
Added unit tests for Fakealyzer and RC4Crypt
Disabled saturation checks in ForceNewClient.
Removed commented-out code.
Corrected some comments.
Increased upload slot limit to 500 (to support Giga bit connections)
Removed contact info in version as it's not valid anymore
Reactivated unreachable code in CUploadQueue::ForceNewClient
Added check for memory availability (if we need to conserve or not)
Changed Fakealyzer algorithm slightly to reduce false positives
Rearranged code and made some const to improve code size and performance
Changed some == and && operators with ^ and |, to improve CPU pipelining
Added throw() to some methods to reduce executable image size (should be replaced with nothrow in C++11)
Updated code for use with latest SDKs (removed undocumented calls needed for W2K or earlier)
Rearranged code in hope to improve CPU branch predictions and cache hits
Changed reask times to be more aggressive for files that recently got NNP, when we have few sources
Fixed some compile warnings
Fixed so upload sessions aren't terminated while we need more slots or just added a new one (<10 secs)
Changed so CUpDownClient::CreateNextBlockPackage only tries to reduce memory usage when available memory is really of concern
Implemented inlined memcpy's for fixed size operations
Optimized CBarShader::FillRect to use cached bitmaps for rendering and reduced conditional statements to improve performance
Upgraded project files to VC2012 backwards compatible format
Fixed some warnings and a VC2012 compile error
Changed EPartFileStatus enum to avoid conflict with recent SDKs.
Changed request block trimming
Set doxygen to generate call references in documentation
Implemented AICH recovery data retries and use of CorruptionBlackBox even when no AICH data is available
Use background thread and io priority when hashing files
Fixed type warnings and disabled some logging
Changed ntohl to htonl for consistency
Improved CurruptionBlackBox when no AICH data available
Fixed problem with part hashing when only one part
Added AICH hashing to the SafeHASH thread
Fixed PacketRecovery function
Improved FastKad
Made connection state (byConnected) volatile
Removed hardcoded sendbuffers code.
Small fix in CreateStandardPackets code.
Preparations for using SCT with AICH blocks rather than CRUMBS.
Increased hashing working buffer from 8kB to 128kB.
Fixed refreshing of download list window.
Added passing of multimedia timer value to socket send functions from UploadBandwidthThrottler, to reduce overhead of calling the timer function at each send.
Fixed performance problem in SafeKAD contact tracking cleanup routines.
Added partstatus maps for AICH to replace crumbs.
Added copying of upload partstatus to download partstatus when same file and more pieces available in the upload partstatus. Added even more consts.
Replaced some recurring calls to time/clock functions with a single call and a temp variable
Added L1 cache prefetch in RC4Crypt for x64 builds
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