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eMule 0.49b Xtreme 7.0
« il: 22 Febbraio 2009, 16:37:52 pm »

Binary : scarica da Sourceforge -  ed2k: emule0.49b-Xtreme7.0.7z (6.82 MiB scarica da eMule[/ed2k]

Sources : scarica da Sourceforge -  ed2k: emule0.49b-Xtreme7.0-sources.7z (3.75 MiB scarica da eMule[/ed2k]

Traduzione in Italiano : scarica da Emule Mods

Per la spiegazione delle features presenti nella Mod, consultate il nostro Glossario


* this version is moded by zz_fly
* updated to 0.49b codebase (thanks Stulle, Enig123)
* updated to DLP v34
* updated UPnP (thanks CN_Mod Team and ACAT)
* updated simp. chinese language file
* adjusted some parameters
* add: show UPnP status in network info dialog (idea from ScarAngel)
* add: rebind UPnP on IP-change (idea from X-RAY)
* add: Fake Shareaza detection
* add: open a default website when nodesURL is invalid
* add: safehash: installation dir unsharing (MorphXT)
* change: no reserved release-slot for partfiles
you can release any files. but reserved release-slot only work for completed files.
* change: UPnP Internal Search: send more request
* fixed: stop rehashing of files with foreign language name (Borschtsch)
* fixed: avoid deadlock when disable network adapter
* remove: Fix Connection Collision (no more needed in .49b codebase)
* remove: always call setLinked_client (no more needed in .49b codebase)
* remove: improved socket closing, it would cause high memory usage (thanks Enig123)
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