eMule 0.70a Community Version (By Fox88)

Aperto da dylandog84, 27 Gennaio 2024, 20:25:49 PM

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Changelog ENG

New and improved internal features

    Using I/O completion ports for disk operations
    Upload SpeedSense is 'not recommended'
    Allow MediaInfo.dll up to 23.10 (Windows XP is limited to 21.03)
    Better handling of UNC shares
    Tweaked a few other code parts including upload bandwidth management
    Visual Studio 2022 and updated libraries were used.

Changes in GUI

    UNC shares can be added to the tree control in Options->Directories
    Show key icon overlay in server list if server reply has "can use obfuscation" flag
    Tray icon should be functional always; even after display driver change
    Display long file name below shared files list when Details panel is hidden
    Always show/restore the main window when activating Exit dialog
    Added large mule head application icon for high resolution displays