eMule 0.49b MorphXT 11.1

Aperto da THOR, 19 Febbraio 2009, 14:43:54 PM

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Binary : scarica da Sourceforge -  ed2k://|file|eMulev0.49b.-MorphXTv11.1-bin.zip|4379549|278FA10E9196B8953AAA5C892088C56A| scarica da eMule[/ed2k]

Sources : scarica da Sourceforge -  ed2k://|file|eMulev0.49b.-MorphXTv11.1-src.zip|4771519|6E01C2205B3DF4C0DD76DE6EEB01CE9E| scarica da eMule[/ed2k]

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* Merged to 0.49b [fafner]
* ADD: DirectX (Preview feature) support for VS05 [eMF]
* ADD: TextToSpeech support for VS05 [Stulle]
* ADD: Community/Corrupt userhash check [zz_fly/squallATF]
* ADD: Bad Shareaza detection [zz_fly]
* Clients pretending to be eMule clients but sending UDP and Misc tags like Shareaza
* ADD: Vagaa check [zz_fly]
* Clients sending a KAD tag from 0.49a+ but pretending to be 0.48a
* CHANGE: Exception Handling Model to /EHa [fafner]
* CHANGE: (Morph) Reverted a fix to fafner style [Stulle]
* CHANGE: Made download ack overhead (morph -> upload management) optional [leuk_he]
* CHANGE: Bring eMule to front when double click on static TrayIcon [Stulle]
* CHANGE: Updated SNAFU Anti-Leecher Protection [Xman/zz_fly]
* CHANGE: Updated Bad Mod List (DLP v33) [Xman/zz_fly/JvA/DLarge/WiZ/more?]
* CHANGE: Cleaned up the group box code a bit [Stulle]
* CHANGE: Enable highlevel functions in Webserver panel when Multi enabled [Stulle]
* CHANGE: Use PushButton for applying the right settings for using NT Service [Stulle]
* CHANGE: Web Interface tabs now multilingual [Stulle]
* FIX: Display download ack overhead in statistics correct [leuk_he]
* FIX: Improperly reloading icons for SharedDirsTree [Stulle]
* FIX: Store searches if enabled [Stulle]
* FIX: Unjustified bans as reported here http://forum.emule-project.net/index.php?showtopic=137052
* FIX: Show proper icon on all Webserver tabs [Stulle]
* FIX: Show proper tab when closing and reopening Preferences (for Multi and NT service) [Stulle]
* FIX: Show proper tab when switching group box from and to Multi or NT service [Stulle]
* FIX: Set focus to EditBox for setting Linear Priority [fafner]
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