eMule 0.50a MorphXT 12.7

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Installer : Scarica da Sourceforge - eMulev0.50a.-MorphXTv12.7-installer.exe (11.77 MB) - Scarica da Emule Mods

Binary: Scarica da Sourceforge - eMulev0.50a.-MorphXTv12.7-bin.zip (6.33 MB) - Scarica da Emule Mods

Sources: Scarica da Sourceforge - eMulev0.50a.-MorphXTv12.7-src.zip (4.79 MB) - Scarica da Emule Mods

src_and_libs.zip:   ed2k://|file|eMulev0.50a.-MorphXTv12.7-src_and_libs.zip|10027744|C1ECC51E2C553A3F963A5A0F5843F2FF|h=TDFI7YCRIVNOOWXCX3UBBN5SL42BRIRM|

debugkit.zip:   ed2k://|file|eMulev0.50a.-MorphXTv12.7-debugkit.zip|13611893|C480B3C43E6F8215EF4411755AE1FC1E|h=ZSKYZ6N6B6NH7CCEYFJM5OXBN4Y4WE4K|

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Changelog for eMule 0.50a MorphXT v12.7

ADD: Some more MediaInfo settings and USC log color to Advanced Preferences [Stulle]
ADD: New flags to countryflag.dll in order to meet ISO 3166-1 standard [Stulle]
+ Note that you absolutely need to update the countryflag.dlls!
ADD: Show ZZ ratio activation in Web Interface [Stulle]
ADD: Respect and display USC in WebInterface queue sorting [Stulle]
CHANGE: Updated Bad Mod List and Bad Hashs List (DLP v43) [zz_fly]
CHANGE: Max FileBufferTimeLimit changed from 100 to 10 minutes [Stulle]
CHANGE: Displayed ed2k link list in category selection can be scrolled through [Stulle]
CHANGE: Use bold font for drawing client progress percentage in DownloadListCtrl [Stulle]
CHANGE: Improved category rights handling for Multi User Web Interface [Stulle]
CHANGE: Improved download right handling for Multi User Web Interface [Stulle]
CHANGE: Show friend menu in friend list of Web Interface transfer panel [Stulle]
CHANGE: Show all clients that are not banned in On Queue list of Web Interface [Stulle]
CHANGE: Display if a client has credits in On Queue list of Web Interface [Stulle]
CHANGE: Tweasked NTService optimizations [Stulle]
CHANGE: Retrieve ID3LIB setting from memory during runtime [Stulle]
CHANGE: Rearranged Advanced (official) Preferences for better overview [Stulle]
CHANGE: Integrate MaxMind GeoLite Country into IP2Country feature (download and processing) [Stulle]
+ You might need to reset the update URL to use this new source and format!
+ For maximum comfort old format and source may still be used (only for ip-to-country.csv).
+ Notice: MorphXT includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from http://www.maxmind.com
FIX: Don't assign downloads via watch clipboard feature using view filters CHANGE [Stulle]
FIX: Weird result calculation for Fakealyzer [Stulle]
FIX: Pasting eD2k links from DownloadListCtrl was not handled as pasting [Stulle]
FIX: Setting for "Don't update Queue list in real time" was inverted in Tweaks [Stulle]
+ Note: It now works as expected so you might have to set it anew.
FIX: Aborting HTTP downloads [WiZaRd]
FIX: Wrong input focus for Multi User Web Interface login if user remembered [Stulle]
FIX: File Percentage in title of progress images in WebServer did not show 100% [Stulle]
FIX: Potential crash in USC logging due to format code in user name [Jesse Hager]
FIX: Log color settings were not stored in preferences.ini [Stulle]
FIX: Ambersands were not removed in PreferencesDlg [Stulle]
REMOVED: Obsolete Vista and above fix in ExportPartMetFilesOverview [leuk_he]
REMOVED: Obsolete GetRemainingReservedDataToDownload function [Stulle]