aMule 2.3.2

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Installer per Windows : Scarica da GitHub - ed2k://|file||7528957|3783174938BD99C7EBA5BD43EF88801B| 

Binary per Mac OS-X : Scarica da DropBox -  ed2k://|file||21987480|A3D1811490DF9AEB81246D58511E156F| (Sierra)
ed2k://|file||8153340|BF78C137615C36CF071691B4EDF41F20|h=OCOTKNBRXW7OYGRYVBWH7IDR5SJXTFPP| (Snow Leopard)

Sources : - ed2k://|file||7380738|783068F77433BB3098808DEAAEA046E9|

Distribuzioni varie:

Per installare aMule su Linux da repository o terminale :


Version 2.3.2 - The "don't close tabs" version.


    amuleweb cookies read behind a "lowercase" proxy (http/2 compliant)

    Read AICH root hashes from binary eMuleCollection files

    Fixed configure of libpng when sh != bash

    Allow any kind of file links in collections
    Make UPnP log go to the appropriate category (#1681)
    Use the C++ compiler to check for features we're about to use in C++ source files (#1572)
    Adapt configure to handle subversion repository clones in mercurial and git
    Fix bfd detection for systems missing -liberty
    Add support for 'canceled.met' to the fileview tool
    Implemented the missing 'show shared' command in amulecmd
    Fix check for a valid locale config entry being done *after* the locale has been set
    Fix Crypto++ detection routine happily using build library for host when cross-compiling
    Fix bug #1711: Kad Info tab should display my own user ID
    Fix wrong sized images in the priscilla skin
    Fix bug #1423: Add the possibility to not create sparse files
    Fix bug #1743: crash when importing part files
    Review assertions in the eD2k and Kademlia code and remove those that could be triggered by a malformed incoming packet
    Fix a possible uninitialized variable access and a definite memory leak in the UPnP code

    Fix WinSock library version detection with MinGW-w64
    Fix compilation with MinGW-w64

    WebServer serves .json, .manifest and .appacache files

Mr Hyde:
    Fix "Disable computer's timed standby mode" for MacOS 10.9 Mavericks
    Compilation fix on Linux Slackware 64bit and MacOS 10.9.4
    Fix configure on Mac

    Add ability to use middle-click to close search tabs

Stu Redman:
    Display hashing progress in progress bars
    Assertion from background thread now prints a message and not just closes the app
    Backtrace (crash or assertion) is written to logfile
    Fix: disabling protocol obfuscation broke Kad and triggered assertions
    Fixed "Prompt on exit" preference
    Fixed country flags for Turkish localization
    Fixed loading of zipped IP filter (#1674)
    Fixed showing of shared files to other clients
    Fixed assertions in CFormat("%p") on 64 bit OS with wx 2.9
    Boost Asio can now be used as networking layer instead of wxWidgets
    Fixed memory leak when AICH hashing already known files
    New download links for server list and nodes.dat (with gav616 and xosevp)
    Projects for Visual Studio 2013 (which is now the preferred Win32 compiler)
    Fixed build with wx 3.0 (including STL build)

    Fixed ASIO compilation with libcxx

Tianming Xie:
    Fix for debian bug #795061: There is no rule to generate Scanner.h