eMule 0.49c ScarAngel 3.3

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Installer: Scarica da hostex.de -  ed2k://|file|eMule0.49c-ScarAngel_v3.3-installer.exe|6176182|1A8ED15011A4B7023DD16411AC172E76|p=1A8ED15011A4B7023DD16411AC172E76|h=3FZYZJVUWPDTPKOSQNRVG3LN6NFCV5Z3| Scarica da Emule[/ed2k] - Scarica da Emule Mods

Binary: Scarica da hostex.de -  ed2k://|file|eMule0.49c-ScarAngel_v3.3-bin.rar|4024924|CA10DCD948002BBD904C12B9B94B424B|p=CA10DCD948002BBD904C12B9B94B424B|h=INYZBRDR7YSCHUQWUTQPSV3C5FF7TYLX| Scarica da Emule[/ed2k] - Scarica da Emule Mods

Sources: Scarica da hostex.de -  ed2k://|file|eMule0.49c-ScarAngel_v3.3-src.rar|8093353|050DD0565629F3876905B27DF3AE259E|p=050DD0565629F3876905B27DF3AE259E|h=5DBVPMZG7BMDD7BZ2Z2TGROKP4VPQKLK| Scarica da Emule[/ed2k] - Scarica da Emule Mods

Windows 2000 binary : Scarica da Sourceforge - Scarica da Emule Mods

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Changelog ENG

eMule v0.49c ScarAngel v3.3:
- 03.12.2009 -
based on eMule 0.49c Xtreme 7.2 compiled with vs2008 SP1

Added: Date File Name Log (enabled by default) [AndCycle] - Stulle
Added: Ionix advanced (multiuser) webserver [iOniX/Aireoreion/wizard/leuk_he/Stulle] - Stulle
Added: Multiuser WebInterface (WI) Cookie settings [Aireoreion] - Stulle
+ added code missing in MorphXT so it works
Added: New failed login handling for WI [MorphXT/leuk_he/dreamwalker/Stulle] - Stulle
Added: Failed login screen for WebInterface [SiRoB/CommanderGer/Stulle] - Stulle
+ Also for multiuser WI
Added: Tabbed WebInterface settings panel [Stulle] - Stulle
+ For multiuser settings
Added: Extra logging to notify of missing webserver files [leuk_he] - Stulle
Added: PowerShare support for WebInterface [Stulle] - Stulle
+ fixed missing tick in menu and improper table display from StulleMule
Added: Rebind UPnP mappings (UDP, TCP and Webserver for now) like official [Stulle] - Stulle
Added: Run eMule as NT Service [leuk_he/Stulle] - Stulle
+ localized logging, cleaned up code
Added: Adjustable NT Service Strings [Stulle] - Stulle
Added: Extended Prompt on Exit dialog [leuk_he] - Stulle
Added: Friendslot support for WebInterface [Stulle] - Stulle
Added: Installer for eMule ScarAngel [leuk_he/Stulle] - Stulle
+ translations taken from eMule Morph so credits to the respective creators

Changed: Disable FollowTheMajority per file when file is renamed manually [AndCycle] - Stulle
Changed: Disable ASFU if too many folders are shared [Stulle] - Stulle
+ fixes related crashes; increases ASFU version number to 3.5
Changed: Only display cat selection dialog if there is more than one cat [Stulle] - Stulle

Fixed: Sorting priority descending failed for powershared files [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: UPnP setting in First Runtime Wizard [leuk_he] - Stulle
Fixed: Port settings in First Runtime Wizard for Random Ports feature [leuk_he] - Stulle
Fixed: Missing checkmark for PS limited by amount context menu [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: (Official) Malfunctioning search results in eMule Light template [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: Show last tab in ScarAngel prefs panel on reopening prefs dialog [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: Show friend menu in Friendlist of Webinterface [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: Design settings font colors overridden in UploadListCtrl [Stulle] - Stulle
Fixed: Personalize Feedback could not be turned off [Stulle] - Stulle

Note: Following languages updated/added: German [Stulle]; French [Heaven];
Chinese (P.R.C.) [jason_jiang]; Italian [Idro182]; Turkish [omeringen];
Spanish [guijarrelson]; Chinese (Taiwan) [alisa/DargonD]

Ionix advanced (multiuser) webserver:
+ You must select the multi user template to enable the multi user settings.
+ Changed user privileges (see below)
+ Added option to restrict user from downloading files via webserver.
+ Multiuser is enabled/disabled automatically on changing template.

Ionix advanced (multiuser) webserver user privileges:
+ Guest: Viewing information from webinterface
+ Operator: Adding/Removing downloads and according to other settings
+ Admin: Like Operator plus privilege to close eMule
+ Hi-Admin: Like Admin plus privilege to shutdown/reboot windows

Run as NT Service:
+ No need to login into windows
+ Keeps running after logging out/ switching users
+ New command line options:
- "emule -install" --> install as a service
- "emule -uninstall" --> uninstall as a service
+ Make sure all settings are correct before installing as a service
+ Links are passed to webservice
+ Option to set level of optimization (Full may cause errors!)
+ See Preferences->Web Server->NTservice tab